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Will you be seeking a teaching position after you graduate?

I have an increased understanding about how farmers/ranchers use land to grow crops and support livestock.

I am more confident explaining how the interaction of natural resources (sun, soil, water), and weather impact agricultural production.

I am more confident explaining how farmers/ranchers work with plant and animal life cycles.

I am able to better discern the differences between human food and livestock feed.

I have an increased understanding about the resources used to produce our food, clothing and shelter.

I have a deeper appreciation for agriculture as it provides for most of our basic needs.

I feel more confident diagramming and explaining the path of food and fiber production from farm to table.

I have a better understanding of the costs associated with producing and purchasing food.

I improved my understanding about the nutritional value of various foods.

I can better describe technologies that farmers use to increase yields and improve product quality.

I can provide more examples about how scientific concepts (related to plants, animals, soils, weather, etc.) are applied on farms and ranches.

I can better explain the value of agriculture and how it is important in daily life.

I can identify more careers that support agriculture.